Year-2000 Statement of Compliance

MultiPort/LT and MultiPort Gateway (MultiGate) - The clock chip that is installed counts off seconds only - there are no time-of-year functions. No upgrade or firmware changes are required for full Year-2000 compliance.

MultiPort Manager - This is the only component of MultiPort software with time-of-year functions. This software uses standard Macintosh Toolbox system calls for date computations. These computations take the elapsed time (in seconds) since boot-up and compute the relative time of events (in seconds) and display these events in absolute time according to the clock setting/time zone of the querying Macintosh. Check for Apple's statement of year 2000 compliance. There is no upgrade required to MultiPort Manager for full Year-2000 compliance.

mgccc - No time-of-year functions - no upgrade required.

DEC controller cards - No time-of-year functions - no upgrade required.

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Last updated March 21, 2005
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