What is the MultiPort/LT

The Webster MultiPort/LT is simultaneously a four-channel Apple Remote Access Server, Network Modem Bank Server, AppleTalk Router, and Ethernet Gateway. It has four Apple standard serial ports, which may be individually assigned as LocalTalk connections for AppleTalk routing, or as modem connections for remote dial-in or dial-out service, in any combination. A tri-media Ethernet connection provides EtherTalk, TCP/IP and DECnet access to the corporate network backbone. The individual functions of MultiPort/LT may all be used simultaneously, or selectively disabled for future use as desired. Multiple units may be stacked or interconnected via the Ethernet backbone to build arbitrarily large networks.

What the MultiPort/LT is NOT

The MultiPort/LT is currently not a WAN router, nor is it a IP router for use in connecting to an Internet Service Provider. (Although there are plans in the works to add these features.)

Where do I get the latest software

The software is available electronically by the following means:

Discussion on cables

Twisted Pair Ethernet Cables

I hook my Macintosh Directly to the MultiPort/LT with Twisted Pair Ethernet and it doesn't work.

That is because the signal lines are incorrectly wired for this kind of connection. For a standard straight-through 10Base-T cable to work, connections must be from Hub-to-Computer, not Hub-to-Hub nor Computer-to-Computer like you are attempting here.

If you want to make a Hub-to-Hub or Computer-to-Computer connection, you will need to buy or make a 10Base-T crossover cable illustrated below. Be sure to mark this cable as to its purpose else I gurarantee this cable will come back to haunt you.

10Base-T Crossover Cable
(Ends are viewed contacts up, Colors are for wire identification only)
(Pin assignmens shown are for computer-to-computer connection)
    8              /----black--1 TD+
    7          /--/----yellow--2 TD-
RD- 6--yellow-/  /     /--red--3 RD+
    5           /     /        4
    4          /     /         5
RD+ 3--black--/  /--/---green--6 RD-
TD- 2--green----/  /           7
TD+ 1--red--------/            8

Modem Cables

The connection abruptly closes when I put any load on the connection

Usually it is a sign that the modem cable in use is not a Hardware Handshake cable. Most of the time, the cable that came with the modem is setup for hardware handshaking, but even then, they sometimes still get it wrong. In selecting the correct modem cable, look for the wording "Macintosh Hardware Handshake Modem Cable" or "Mac to High Speed Modem."

Below is the correct wiring diagram

MP/LT user Reference v2.0 p19 table 2-4

DB 25                mini DIN-8
1  FG--------------------Shield
2  TxD-------------------3 TxD-
3  RxD-------------------5 RxD-
4  RTS-------\
20 DTR--------+----------1 HSKo
5  CTS-------------------2 HSKi
                 /-------8 RxD+
7  GND----------+--------4 Gnd
8  DCD----(not used)-----7 GPi

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Last Revised: February 23, 1999