Setting up Dial-out


What is difference between the PortShare Client one compared to the PortShare Server and Client one?

Consider the following case below:
       |                 |            |           |
-------+------        |--+--|      |--+--|     |--+--|
|MultiPort/LT|        |Mac A|      |Mac B|     |Mac C|
-------+--+---        |+---+|      |+---+|     |+---+|
       |  |            |+--|        |+--|       |+--|
       |  +-|Modem|     |            |           |
       |                +-|Modem|    +-|Modem|   +-|Modem|
Assumption: All permissions have been set to allow access.
Mac A has PortShare Pro (server and client) installed
Mac B has PortShare Pro Client installed
Mac C does not have PortShare installed
Mac A can use only the modems installed on the MultiPort/LT
  + Plus its own local modem
    (Mac is sharing its local modem)
Mac B can use the Modems hooked to the MultiPort/LT and to Mac A
  + Plus its own local modem
    (Mac is unable to share its local modem, hence Client only)
Mac C can only use its local modem

I set a password for the port and when I key it in, I am informed that the password is incorrect. (I double-checked the password and I know it is right.)

When the port is set to give access to registered users of the MultiPort, PortShare Pro looks under Control Panels, Sharing Setup, in the field Owner Name and the MultiPort/LT compares the contents of this field (they must match) to the user list. If no matchie on both Owner name and password, no workie.

I have an older version of PortShare Pro that does not work on my newer (Power) Macs, how do I get my PortShare updated?

All PortShare updates are handled by Stalker Software directly. Current version is 2.7

Stalker can be reached at:
voice (415) 383 7164
fax (415) 383 7461

655 Redwood HWY STE 275
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Application Notes

The applications not listed here are either compatible or have not been tested (assumed compatible for data or assumed not compatible for faxing.)


There was a known bug in version 2.07 of the MultiPort/LT code that caused the PortShare Pro server to mishandle the odd/even parity conenctions as required by Compuserve. This has been addressed and fixed in version 2.08 of the MultiPort/LT code.

Delrina FAXPro

Limited testing- Tested on MacIIci, Duo 250. Is able to FAX using the Class 2 CTB (fails with class 1 CTB). Will fail consistently if receiving FAX is doing 14.4kbps or if port is more than one hop away. (Client mac is not connected by common ethernet or one of other LocalTalk ports.) Unable to work on any GeoPort capable Mac-Will cyclically try to get port and consistently fail.


Quickmail is compatible with PortShare Pro but with the following self-defeating side-effect: QuickMail will grab the port and will refuse to give it up for any reason. (Generally defeating the purpose of having a shared modem.) As an aside, QuickMail is compatible with LineShare for sending and receiving FAX with network FAX software.


Version 0.9x, generally workable; Version 1.0b3 and later, CTB Savvy and works perfectly.

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