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Webster Computer Corporation is proud to offer free access to software upgrades for all MultiPort Gateway users. This is available from a choice of FTP hosts in USA, England or Australia. After identifying the desired file(s) below, simply click on the flag of the country nearest to your location to initiate the transfer.

MultiPort Gateway Code (Megan) 2.24, Macintosh encoded (.sit.hqx) (142K)
MultiPort Gateway Code (Megan) 2.24, UNIX system encoded (.Z). (137K)
MultiPort Manager 3.1.2 User friendly Macintosh application for configuration, management and statistical reporting of MultiPort Gateway (and MultiPort/LT) over the network. (384K)
MGBoot 1.6 CDEV for enabling the MultiPort Gateway to bootstrap and load code file from a networked Macintosh. (14K)
MGTalk 1.2 Simple terminal emulator which allows a Macintosh to communicate with the MultiPort Gateway console terminal for engineering maintenance purposes. (16K)
MGConfig 2.12 HyperCard Stack for doing full configuration via console connection only. Use only if MultiPort Gateway cannot be reached by MultiPort Manager. (297K)
mgccc 3.6 Command line oriented UNIX application for MultiPort Gateway configuration and management. (862K)
Access to full FTP directories. Many more MultiPort Gateway files, including historic versions, are available in the full FTP directories.

With many thanks to SunSITE Northern Europe, Department of Computing, Imperial College, London for hosting our European FTP site, and Webster Computer Systems, Melbourne Australia, for hosting our Australasian FTP site.

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