The "Swiss Army Knife" of Macintosh computer networking, Webster MultiPort/LT is at once a four-channel AppleTalk Router, Apple Remote Access Server, Network Modem Bank Server, and Ethernet and Internet Gateway. It has four Apple Standard serial ports, which may be individually assigned as L Color ocalTalk connections for AppleTalk routing, or as modem connections for remote dial-in or dial-out service, in any combination. A tri-media Ethernet connection provides EtherTalk, TCP/IP and DECnet access to the corporate network backbone, and to the Internet.
Macintosh Network Integration Products

As a service to our customers, Webster offers third-party integration products which complement the MultiPort/LT.

• MultiPort/LT spare components
• PhoneNet Adaptors
• Star Controllers, rackmount distribution panels
• IP WAN Routers
• PortShare Pro Software
• Vicom Internet Gateway Software
DEC-Compatible Disc and Comms Controllers

Historic products, still in limited supply (Contact Webster)

Dual Height Qbus ST506/ST412 Disc Controller
Dual Height Qbus 16-line Multiplexer
Dual Height Qbus 8-line Multiplexer
Quad Qbus Cached ESDI Disc Controller
Quad Qbus Cached SMD Disc Controller
Hex Unibus Cached ESDI Disc Controller
Hex Unibus Cached SMD Disc Controller


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