MultiPort/LT Guide

Security Features

Sophisticated zone-based device filtering is provided for each of the eight logical networks of the MultiPort/LT (LocalTalk 0-3, IPTalk, EtherTalk Phase 1, EtherTalk Phase 2, and the ARA users). This can be used for example to limit access to certain devices, or to force users to stay within specified zones. Remote users can be access-limited to definable zone-groups; such as sales, finance, engineering etc. Dial-in and dial-out users are controlled by passwords and access privileges. System Manager access to the MultiPort/LT for configuration and management purposes is also password-protected.


MultiPort Manager is a Macintosh application which provides intuitive, user-friendly configuration, management and statistical reporting to the System Administrator from anywhere in the network, even remotely. Command-line engineering utilities are also provided for use from Macintosh or Unix workstations over the network. Out-of-band management is available by serial connection direct to the console port of the MultiPort/LT. SNMP MIB II, AppleTalk MIB and Webster’s proprietary MIB provide status reporting to independent SNMP management workstations.

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