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Internet Gateway

With the Internet now growing exponentially, it is no surprise that businesses and schools everywhere are scrambling to provide access for their staff and students. For Macintosh based organizations, network-wide Internet connectivity has never been easier, using the Webster MultiPort/LT.

With its extensive support for MacIP protocol, IP address serving, IPTalk2 tunneling, and PPP or SLIP dialout sessions, MultiPort/LT provides in one box most of the functionality you need for corporate internet service. This service is provided to every Macintosh on your network, including remote dial-in users.

For cost-effective Internet access, arrange for a single-user PPP account with your local Internet Service Provider (ISP). You configure the MultiPort/LT for dial-out through one or more modems or ISDN System Adapters, and enable MacIP on the LocalTalk ports. Open Transport/PPP and PortShare Pro client software is installed on each Macintosh on the network, enabling use of standard Internet utilities such as Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Eudora, Fetch and Telnet. With this simple approach, the maximum number of users at any one time is limited to the number of modems and phone lines connected to the MultiPort/LT.

To overcome the single user limitation, simply run Vicom Internet Gateway and PortShare Pro software in the background on an assigned Macintosh, and configure the MultiPort/LT as above. Now, any number of users on your LAN, both Macs and PCs, can access the Internet simultaneously through the same low cost single-user account with your ISP, without even the need for multiple modems. The Vicom Internet Gateway also includes valuable security, firewall, and DHCP automatic Ethernet client configuration features. This approach works well with up to 10 or even more simultaneous users.

Ultimately though, demanding network applications will need a permanent high bandwidth connection to the Internet. This requires an IP WAN Router at your site, and a dedicated frame relay or T-1 line to your ISP. You set up the MultiPort/LT to recognize MacIP protocol and serve IP addresses, and simply equip each Macintosh with Open Transport. Although costs will rapidly escalate, you will now be able to host your own web server, FTP server, Domain Name Server (DNS) or SMTP/POP/IMAP mail server, together with unlimited user access.

Tunneling AppleTalk Networks over the Internet
Groups of branch offices or schools each equipped with dedicated Internet connections can use MultiPort/LT’s IPTalk2 capability to form AppleTalk tunnels over the Internet, and so create a giant multi-campus AppleTalk network. Communication between the networks is managed by an AppleTalk Administration Dæmon, hosted on a Unix server located anywhere on the network. Now your remote office and all its networked resources are only a chooser-click away!

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