MultiPort/LT Guide

Remote Access

You may assign any or all of the four MultiPort/LT serial ports as Modem Ports, for connection to the telephone network through external modems or ISDN system Adapters. Remote Macintoshes running Apple Remote Access (ARA) client software are able to dial in to the MultiPort/LT and gain access to all facilities of the corporate network, as if they were connected locally. The MultiPort/LT fully accepts both ARA Version 1 and ARA Version 2 clients, and automatically detects which version is connecting. The connected phone lines are commonly grouped in the exchange as a rotary switch, so that remote users need only deal with one telephone number. Where more than four modem lines are required, MultiPort/LTs are easily stacked via the Ethernet connection.


Serial ports are capable of speeds up to 128Kbps, and are suitable for use with virtually any modem or compatible ISDN system adapter.

MultiPort/LT supports all standard features of ARA 2, including encrypted passwords, user-changeable passwords, per-user connect time limits, and user callback for security and centralized billing. A detailed log is available to the system administrator of all dial-in attempts and events.

In addition, many valuable extensions to the ARA specification are provided, including roaming callback, password expiry with grace logins, and sophisticated user grouping provisions for zone and device based access controls. The MultiPort/LT ARA function is implemented as a fully-featured AppleTalk Routing logical network, in cooperation with the LocalTalk and Ethernet routing networks.

TCP/IP and DECnet services are extended to the remote Macintosh user for seamless access to corporate Unix and Digital hosts.

Using Apple’s ARA dial-in client software and the MultiPort/LT, home based or traveling users can access the corporate or campus network "almost like being there". You can access all corporate resources for which you are authorized, including personal files, corporate file servers, printers, or even the Internet via the corporate Internet feed.

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