MultiPort/LT Guide
• Four Apple serial ports may be flexibly assigned as LocalTalk or modem connections, in any combination.

• Low cost networking through use of the computer's built-in LocalTalk port and daisy-chain topology.

• High bandwidth connectivity to the campus Ethernet backbone.

• Compatibile with existing or planned category-5 structured wiring systems.

• Network segmentation provides high performance and relief of congestion.

• Scalable from small to very large networks.

• Full TCP/IP and Internet connectivity to LocalTalk based clients.

• DECnet Level-1 routing to LocalTalk based clients.

• Unites remote AppleTalk networks over the Internet using IPTalk-2 tunneling.

• Establishes chooser zones, and zone-based filtering controls, for efficient logical network structuring and security.

• Supports dial-in remote access through external modems.

• Supports local network dial-out modem serving, through shared external modems.

• Network sharing of serial devices such as printers, plotters or device console ports.

• Perfect connectivity solution for legacy Apple-IIs, early Macs, Newton and eMate; and for current Macs with light-to-medium network usage.


Macintosh Network Builder

Internet Gateway

LocalTalk/AppleTalk Router

Remote Access Dial-in Server

Network Modem Dial-out Server

Multiprotocol Ethernet Gateway

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