Introducing… The MultiPort/LT Router


Webster’s flagship product, the MultiPort/LT, lets you build LocalTalk-based Macintosh networks of any size.

LocalTalk networks are inexpensive, user friendly, and plug-and-play. But, because of AppleTalk management traffic overhead, they typically "run out of steam" after about a dozen connected Macs. MultiPort/LT confines this traffic within individual LocalTalk subnets. Using MultiPort/LT Routers, LocalTalk networks can be scaled up to thousands of connected Macs, with no performance degradation at all.

MultiPort/LT provides a gateway to the corporate Ethernet backbone. It routes AppleTalk, DECnet and TCP/IP protocols, and provides an ideal way to connect all your Macs to the Internet. MultiPort/LT also allows you to connect modems and ISDN system adapters, for flexible remote dial-in or shared network dial-out services.

MultiPort/LT allows you to create an efficient, excellent performance Macintosh network for as little as one-tenth the cost of typical alternatives.

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